Leader Enviro Non NLIS Approved Reusable Tag

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Non NLIS Enviro Reusable Tag

The Enviro Reusable is an electronic identification tag and is designed to handle the toughest conditions in Australia with great retention and read distance.

As the female portion of the tag can be reused from one animal to another, this device is not approved by the NLIS. Button Males need to be replaced for each animal transfer and are available separately.

Enviro Reusable tags are applied using the Applicator Standard Deluxe.


  • Transponder Type: HDX 134.2kHz Inlay
  • Approvals: None
  • Weight: 8.60 grams
  • Includes Laser Marking.
Leader Standard Deluxe Applicator Need an applicator?
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Note: Minimum Order Value for Leader Tags: $35 (Can be a combination of tag types and colours)

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