Leader NLIS HDX Cattle Bolus + Management Tag & Button

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The NLIS HDX Cattle Bolus is an electronic identification device. Only one insertion is required to enable lifetime traceability with 100% retention rate (when inserted correctly).  A rumen bolus is used as an alternative to NLIS ear tags for identifying cattle. An NLIS rumen bolus is a capsule that is inserted into the animal from three months of age.  After application, the bolus comes to rest in the reticulum for the life of the animal. The bolus contains an electronic transponder that can be read electronically, and is issued together with a non-electronic ear tag.

Tested and approved safe for use in food and milk producing animals, the rumen bolus also acts as a deterrent against stock theft. NLIS HDX Cattle Bolus can be inserted using the HDX CattleBolus Applicator.

Boluses can be inserted with the HDX Cattle Bolus Applicator. Management Tags can be applied with the Plastic Fast Tagger, Aluminium Fast Tagger or the Flexible Tag Applicator (Standard).

MLA (Meat & Livestock Australia) require an approved non-electronic management ear tag to be used in addition to the ceramic NLIS bolus.  This is for manual reading and/or visual confirmation that a bolus has been installed. There are two approved types of ear tags which you can select from in the above options.

  • A generic green tag with the word "Bolus" (included at no extra cost); or
  • A White (Breeder) or Orange (Post Breeder) Management ear tag printed in a set format of PIC number over series number (extra cost applies).


  • Transponder Type: HDX 134.2kHz 32mm Glass
  • Approvals: NLIS, ICAR
  • Weight: 61.20 grams
  • Marking Options: Laser Marking


As an alternative to the green management tags marked with the word "Bolus", you can also select matching management visual tags printed with your PIC and series number.  These Orange or White tags are marked to match your NLIS bolus with your PIC above the series number.  They come in three sizes - Super Maxi, Maxi & Large.  Both the green management tags and custom printed Orange or White management tags include buttons.


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