Blitz-Kerner Captive Bolt Stunner Slaughter Device Livestock Euthanasia Kit

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Captive Bolt Slaughter Kit Complete

The complete kit includes the captive bolt  as well as a case, cleaning kit and service kit.

A captive bolt device is a humane way to slaughter animals ranging from small pigs to a bull. A captive retracting ‘bolt’ is fired into the head, instead of a bullet. Different strength cartridges are used for different sized animals (see list below). It is imperative that the correct charge is used for the animal being destroyed. The shot is discharged by pressure on the trigger mechanism. The correct point for entry of the bolt is between and slightly above the eyes. 


  • Calves up to 100kg - Green
  • Calves up to 300kg - Yellow
  • Cattle up to 600kg - Blue
  • Cattle over 600kg - Red
  • Sheep and Goats up to 35kg - Green
  • Sheep and Goats over 35kg - Yellow
  • Pigs up to 50kg - Green
  • Pigs up to 100kg - Yellow
  • Pigs up to 200kg - Blue
  • Pigs over 200kg - Red
Captive Bolt Applicators  NEED ACTIVATORS? (Click here or on image to view)

It is recommended that this device be used in the presence of a veterinarian or the operator attend a veterinary course on how to use this device.

The Slaughter Kit Complete includes the Captive Bolt, Case, Cleaning Kit & Service Kit. The cleaning kit includes a 25cm extension handle and two sizes of brushes for cleaning the gun barrel and the service kit includes a replacement for mainspring and rubber buffer.


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