Livestock Pro Cattle Immobiliser Restrainer

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Livestock Pro Cattle Immobiliser

This portable immobiliser keeps both animal and handler uninjured and stress free while doing routine animal husbandry treatments. This rectal probe generates a low level electrical pulses that stimulates the animal's nervous system and causes a temporary and completely reversible paralysis of the skeletal muscles. When the animal is being immobilised, procedures can be performed quickly and safely. 

Ideal for branding, earmarking, dehorning, spaying, castration, hoof trimming, assisted calving, replacing prolapses etc.


  • No wires or clamps 
  • Single dial to turn On/Off and increase intensity
  • Rechargeable battery with battery charger
  • Low battery warning light
  • Water resistant & washable
  • Not intended as a replacement or substitute for anesthesia administered by a vet (or for pain relief)
  • 2 year repair warranty


  • 12v car charger
  • 4 hour recharge
  • 10 hours of use

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