Red Heeler Stock Prodder with Shaft Handle

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Red Heeler Prodder

This device is designed for use in tough conditions, made with a Shaft handle and is supplied with a wrist strap and button lock.Most commonly used with cattle, the Red Heeler Stock Prodder will encourage animal movement by generating a relatively high-voltage and low-current electric shock.

Includes shaft, rechargeable battery, 240v and 12v chargers, and
comes with a 12 months warranty with normal use.

Warning: Do not beat animals with this product or use for prolonged period on any single animal. Illegal for use on humans.


  • Weight: (300mm / 12in) - 1.05kg
  • Weight: (560mm / 22in) - 1.09kg
  • Weight: (810mm / 32in) - 1.11kg

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