Excal Big Softy Calf Teat - for Shoof Milk Train, 22mm Teat Hole Feeders and Excal Rail Bucket Orange

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The Big Softy makes all the other 'gravity' calf teats obsolete. With gravity feeders, (where the milk level is higher than the teat), two issues arise. First is preventing leakage through the teat, and second is whilst preventing leakage still enabling the calf to suckle freely. The Big Softy achieves both these ends. The tip design does not leak, even after substantial use, and yet the tip opens freely as soon as the calf begins suckling. The Big Softy will fit all feeders with standard 22mm (+/-1mm) teat holes. It is equally suitable for hand-held bottle feeding, or for top-teat tube delivery feeders. Big Softy is protected by New Zealand Design No 405207.

Excal Big Softy teats are the replacement teats for:
  • Milk Train Calf Feeder Orange - 2 Place
  • Milk Train Calf Feeder Orange - M1 Wall Mount
  • Milk Train Calf Feeder Orange - M1 Rail-Hang
  • Excal Calf Feeder Rail Bucket Orange - 6 Place

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