HK Standard Calf Puller HK2020 HK121 - 1.8m Long Calving Jack

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HK2020 Standard Calf Puller (HK121)

The HK Calf Puller is the world's original calf puller. It has been on the market for many years and has been widely used by the calf breeding community. Made in Germany and 100% reliable. The modern, 2020 model traction device, gives smooth pulling power on both forward and backward strokes. Pulling can be either tandem (legs together) or sequential (one after the other) depending on hooks engaged. 


  • Has a threaded galvanized steel shaft and a new traction assembly, which has a thumb operated release lever for quick release of tension.
  • An improved design which is easily handled with optimum grip and prevents slipping
  • Overall length 180cm and can be easily disassembled for transportation
  • Three hooks for even and reciprocal (zig zag) pulling
  • Supplied with specially-produced padded nylon ropes

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