Shoof Economy Calf Saver Puller

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SKU: REM10043
MPN: 201006
Including Tax: $36.27
The Shoof Economy Calf Puller is a great value mechanical calf puller. Made in the same style as the famous more expensive HK brand pullers. It features a 1.6m long 'threaded' shaft, which breaks in half for easy transport. Traction assembly with 35cm long handle, for easy use, and choice of sequential or tandem pulling points. The head frame is steel (with well rounded edges) and also incorporates a rump chain to better retain the puller head on the cow. The puller is supplied complete with ropes. This device is reasonable quality at a very good price. All galvanised. Parts available.

SPECIAL ORDER PRODUCT: Available from Everything ID. Please allow a 5 business day handling time on this Shoof product.

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