Vink Calf Puller - Standard & Beef Calves Calving Jack with 1.8m Pole

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Vink Calf Puller

The Vink Calf Puller is a world-wide best selling calving aid from Europe. Hangs-on to the cow whether she is standing or goes down in the middle of the job. The permanently attached holding frame fits over the cow's hip bones, acting as a steady and fixed base from which the Calving Jack tilts and pulls regardless of whether the cow stands, sits or stretches out. The Vink calf puller is all stainless steel and was developed after extensive institutional research into the forces required for the safest and most humane birthing assistance.

Standard Version

  • Impossible to slip away from the cow
  • It permits pulling tension straight, upwards and also in the direction of the udder
  • If birth becomes complicated, traction can be released immediately
  • The rump frame is 57cm (inside measurement)

Beef Version

  • This is a heavier version of the standard model
  • The rump frame is 57cm for heavy European breeds
  • This more robust calf puller enables more traction
  • The Vink Beef Calf Puller also comes with the added advantage of alternate traction

Both calf pullers come with 1.8m long pole which will give greater power with reduced effort in difficult births.

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