Udderly Ez Milker Mare Horse Donkey Mule Colostrum Milker Kit

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Ez Milker – Mare Milker

The Udderly Ez Milker™ is a hand held, trigger operated vacuum pump. It requires no batteries or electricity. Making it the most effective milk and colostrum collection device. Ideal for the collection of colostrum and milking out mares. A must to milk mares with mastitis and use as a aid in the prevention of mastitis at weaning time. Also where foals have inherited a different blood type than the mare and are at the risk of neonatal isoearythrolysis, just a few pulls on the trigger creates a vacuum in the bottle and the colostrum or milk flow starts filling the bottle. Suitable for donkeys, mules, camels, zebras. The mare milker is supplied complete with two 500ml milk collection bottles and one of each 26mm and 28mm milk collection tubes.

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