Buddex Debudder - Cordless Portable Electric Cattle Dehorner

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Buddex Debudder Cordless Dehorner

This new cordless dehorner with an ergonomic design can dehorn up to 40 calves in a single charge.


  • The unique focal ring reliably prevents horn growth in an animal friendly way
  • The tip is cold when placed on the horn, and heats up to 700°C in just 4 seconds
  • Total elapsed time about 20 seconds to debud a calf
  • No need even to clip the hair
  • The heat phase only begins once pressed against the horn bud
  • No shaft that is fully heated so there is no burn risk for the user
  • Battery operated allowing portability
  • Plus a 12 volt vehicle cigarette lighter charger


  • Tip Size: 17mm
  • Main Charger: 240v

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