Cauterising Debudder - Cordless Portable Electric Cattle Dehorner

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Cauterising Debudder Dehorner

This easy to use cordless dehorner is a safe and efficient tool used to prevent young animals from growing horns by cauterising the horn bud. The heat cycles are managed automatically, to ensure safety to the animals and to provide appropriate results. Whilst it is developed for the cattle industry for use on calves, this can also be used on sheep, goats and other animals where horn de-budding is required. The cauterising dehorner rapidly reaches a temperature of 700°C and provides an 8 second timed cycle. Easy to use, just apply and press the trigger.


  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable
  • Works off a built in lithium battery
  • Complete with 240V charger, user manual, and carry case
  • Countdown time and buzzer
  • Time display and charge screen
  • Automatic off
  • Single battery charge lasts up to 80 calves
  • Incorporated safety lock to prevent trigger activation when not in use
  • Heating element reaches 700°C instantly and 8 second cycle


  • Less pain for animal
  • Time saving
  • Greater comfort for the farmer
  • Respects Animal Welfare
  • Can be used in cold weather


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