LPG Adapter POL to 3/8' BSP LH (P

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Cautery (heat) docking of lambs is the safest and least traumatic method. It is quick and easy, sealing off the blood vessels as the tail is cut through. The reduced stress and blood loss improves growth rate and reduces mothering time. The Primus Docking Iron is designed and made in Australia. It uses gas from a normal (BBQ, etc) portable gas cylinder (not supplied). A 4m delivery hose is supplied. The Iron is not self lighting. Allow it to heat for at least 2 minutes before using. Adjust the heat to an appropriate temperature which cuts easily and effectively seals all blood vessels. Cutting should take about 2 seconds to give the best results. Keep the cutting blade clean with the wire brush supplied. A spare gas nipple is supplied, along with full user instructions, and a parts list and diagram. All parts are available. Note: The POL adaptor is required for standard 9kg LPG cylinder.

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