Bainbridge Branding Furnace - Jumbo Single Burner

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Burning Furnace - Jumbo

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Our handmade branding furnaces have been manufactured in Australia for over 30 years. Manufactured under a skilled Australian team dedicated to quality control, our branding furnaces are the leading brand supplied nationwide.

When you buy from Bainbridge, you purchase a quality product with spare parts available now and in the future. Our branding furnaces are serviceable with an exclusive concrete relining service available only to Bainbridge furnaces.


  • Inner lined with a special concrete cement compound to aid in the retention and uniform circulation of heat 
  • All furnaces are supplied for immediate use with the connection of a gas bottle (not supplied)
  • Spare parts and concrete relining service available for this quality product


  • A large version single burner furnace with a 60cm opening to enable more brands to be heated
  • Made in Australia