Bainbridge Earmarking Plier Cattle Calf

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Cattle Calf Earmarking Plier

Earmarking or notching is used to identify livestock. It is a mandatory requirement in some states. Allowing livestock to be identified is also beneficial to farm owners. Every state in Australia has different shapes and codes. A full range of earmark shapes for each state/territory and livestock type are available on our website.

Bianbridge earmarking pliers are made of hardened steel suitable for heavy duty usage. You can resharpen these pliers for longer service.

Please note: All earmarking pliers are made to order.

Ordering here is easy:

  • Send a copy of your earmark registration. 
  • Specify your design number.

Earmarking Plier Designs #1:

Earmarking Plier Designs #2:

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