Bainbridge Fly Bait & Trap

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Fly Bait and Trap

  • A fly trap with a specially designed lid with a 1.3 Litre capacity container
  • Easy to clean and reusable.
  • The fly trap is effective in catching a very wide range of different flies (cluster flies, house flies, bush flies and particularly blow flies).
  • With the application of fly bait, the fly trap will attract flies from a distance of 10-15 metres.
  • Ideal for use around the home, garden, kennel, indoor, outdoor, farms and within the rural industry.
  •  Fly bait is available for use within the trap.

Fly Trapping Tips

  • Hang several traps 3-10 metres from home to greatly reduce indoor flies
  • Hang traps in sunny areas, away from strong winds or drafts
  • The traps will generally attract flies from a distance of 10-12 metres depending on wind conditions
  • In outdoor areas, flies search low for food sources for best results, place the fly trap approximately 45cm from ground level
  • In enclosed areas, such as sheds, hang traps within a 2 metre radius of electrical lights
  • If solution in the trap falls required water level, add more water

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