Bainbridge Brooding Cage Metal for Chicks & Ducklings - Rectangular

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Brooding Cage Metal – Rectangular

  • Perfect for keeping chicks (up to four or five weeks old), ducklings and other young birds warm, until they can produce their own body heat
  • Features a metal arm to hold a brooder lamp (sold separately) which sits above a section with solid metal walls to ensure less loss of warmth
  • The wire mesh floor has smalls openings of approximately 5/16″ apart. Hay or shavings can be used for bedding or if the breed requires smaller spacings.
  • A dropping pan slides out from under the wire mesh floor to clean the cage
  • Easy to assemble using a flathead screwdriver and the included hardware.

Dimensions: 1,000 x 476 x 600 mm

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