Bainbridge Grinding Mill for Mixing Grains - 50 Litre

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Grinding Mill – 50 Litre

  • A high quality compact unit which is ideal for those who mix their own grain
  • Highly recommended for professional hobby farmers that require maximum nutritional benefits for their birds
  • Grinds any kind of grains: corn, barley, oats, rye, wheat, millet, pepper etc.
  • Cool milling without dust: It may vary according to the product to grind, its dampness and the sieve used
  • Capacity is approximately 120-200 kg/h (with supplied sieves 2-4-6-8 mm, in pressed galvanised sheet)
  • Hopper capacity 10kg and the machine can only be started with a full hopper
  • The plastic bucket is included
  • 240 Volt power is required

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