Electrocoup Hoof Power Parer - Sheep Goat Foot Rot Shears Paring Trimming Battery Operated F3010 40mm Electric Secateurs Bundle

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Electrocoup Sheep & Goat Electric Hoof Trimmers

The Electrocoup F3010 electric secateurs with hoof blade kit makes the hoof trimming of sheep and goats easy. It greatly reduces the effort required to trim the hoof. It is easy to use and the progressive nature of the device in proportional mode provides a very precise trimming action (you can nibble as well as cut outright) and it considerably reduces the risk of injury to the sheep. You can also change to pulse mode which allows you to work at maximum speed. Being battery operated, it is an almost silent device, minimising the stress to the animal.

The 100% cordless power parer offers amazing power and durability. They are supplied with heavy duty blades designed specially for hoof trimming. The blades open to 60mm and have a cutting capacity of 40mm.

The kit includes a hard case, the electric secateurs with hoof cutting blades, vest, F3015 battery, charger and holster. An optional safety glove is available separately.

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