Leader Air Power Parer - Sheep Hoof Paring Shears

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Power Parer

This air-operated device can make a hard job easier. Only a slight pressure is needed to make a cut and hoofs can be pared. Operating pressure is between 75 to 100 psi at 60 cuts per minute. 


Despite there being progress in production earlier this year, it is now looking unlikely the product will be available before Christmas.  The product is not available until further notice.  We will update this page again when we have more information.

We recommend not ordering this product or paying a deposit at this time, and instead clicking on the link below to be put on the notification list.  

Backorder Available.  Three options available:
1.  Notification List: Click here to leave your contact details to be placed on the Notification List to be contacted when spare stock is available; or
2.  Pay a Deposit: Click here to pay a $50 deposit.  Doing this, we will place a backorder for you on the product from Leader and once we get your unit, we will contact you to make payment of the remaining amount.  Having a backorder gets you in the queue at the current price.  There are currently many backorders already on this product.
3.  Purchase the product now.  You can purchase the product and make payment. We will then backorder it for you from Leader Products and ship it to you as soon as we receive stock.
Air Power Parer ALTERNATIVE AIR POWER PARER (Click here or on image to view)


  • Air Consumption: 3cfm/min
  • Hose Length: 3m
  • Weight: 1.49kg

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