Taylors Dry Raddle for Sheep, Livestock and Turf

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Taylors Dry Raddles

An all-purpose chalk-based marker for instant identification of sheep and other livestock.  Available in 3 colours and is a safe and easy-to-use marker. Best choice for wool growers around Australia.

Taylors Dry Raddle is a chalk-based marker used on Livestock and for marking turf. It is a safe, easy to use marker that is fully scourable and meets all requirements for wool growers around Australia. Taylors Raddle complies with the standard AS 4054 Scourable Branding Substances for Greasy Wool and satisfies all State Govt. Regulations for wool marking. Taylors Raddle comes with a handy plastic dispenser that is easy to use. The variety of colours and it’s versatility make for a convenient marker.

The product is manufactured in Australia to strict standards for compliance with wool marking regulations. Taylors Dry Raddle has been the preferred wool marking product for over 70 years and has had a long association with wool growers around Australia. 


  • Weight: 220 grams

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