Bainbridge 2 in 1 Sprinkler & Soaker Garden Hose 15M

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SKU: EP7293
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GTIN: 9354071008047

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Soaker Hose

This Soaker Hose is supplied in 15m length. Designed for lawns, garden beds, vegetable patches and shade houses. Use face up to spray approximately 3-4 metres across depending on water pressure. Use face down for deep soaking directly into the root system. Fully fitted and ready for use.


  • 2 in 1 sprinkler & soaker.
  • Face up or face down.
  • Connects directly to the tap.
  • Water efficient.
  • Smart drip soaker & micro jet sprinkler.
  • Design & quality.
  • UV stabilised & wide lay flat design.
  • Available in full length: 15m.

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