Telstra $2 Prepaid Sim Card Starter Kit Pack

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Telstra Pre-Paid 3G / 4G SIM Card Starter Pack

Key Features:

- MultiFit SIM (Standard, Micro or Nano)
- No Credit Included

More Details:

If you've already got a phone, purchase a Starter Kit and you'll be talking with your friends and family in no time.

Your new Telstra Pre-Paid Plus mobile service means you can now talk to who you want, when you want, thanks to great value call rates and Telstra's fantastic network coverage.

What you get in a Starter Kit

* Your new mobile phone number
* A SIM access card 
* Connection to Telstra Next G (3G), 4G, 4GX Networks
* Mobile coverage across Australia
* Plus you can bring your current mobile number to Telstra Pre-Paid now.

Critical Information Summary

When you activate the SIM card (online or over the phone) you choose 1 of 2 Calling Offers as below (subject to change). Often there may be bonus data or promotions.

Offer 1: Pre-Paid Complete

Offer 2: Long Life Plus

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