Evolis RT5F011SAA YMCKK 400 Print Colour Ribbon for Avansia

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Evolis RT5F011SAA is composed of 5 panels Yellow (Y), Magenta (M), Cyan (C), Black (K), and Black (K).  This ribbon is used for double-sided color printing with YMC and the first K panel printing on the front side, the second K panel prints on the backside of the card. The two K panels are black resin to print texts and barcodes. This ribbon is designed to work with the Avansia card printers and must be used in conjunction with Transfer Films for Avansia.


  • For dual-sided color printing.
  • Ribbon in PET with a thin layer of specialized coatings.
  • 5 whole panels (98mm length) – Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black, and Black.
  • For retransfer technology.


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