Smartcard for ACTAtek SM Electronic Time Clocks ACTA-1K-P-SM RFID Think White Access Card ACTA-MF-1K-C-W

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Proximity Access Card for ACTAtek Mifare Electronic Time Clocks

This access card (also known as a time clock card or swipe card) is compatible with ACTAtek smart card models.  The cards have unique tag serial numbers.

How to tell if this is the correct tag for your ACTAtek Time Clock?

  • On your time Clock, press the enter key 6 times quickly.
  • Read the first line of the Device Info Screen to see the model code.
  • If the Line Contains "SM", then these are the correct tags for your time clock (for example: ACTA2-1K-S-M or ACTA-1K-P-SM).

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