iButton Programmer DS1990A Duplicator Copier

iButton Programmer DS1990A TM Duplicator Copier

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iButton Programmer DS1990A Duplicator Cloner Copier

This device allows you to easily make copies of Dallas DS1990A iButton's. You touch the original DS1990A iButton onto the device and then you touch the special rewriteable RW1990 iButton onto the device and it will write to it so that it is a duplicate of your original DS1990A iButton.  In addition, it can also copy basic 125khz cards such as EM4100.  It is a simple stand-alone machine - it doesn't need a computer - but you can connect it to your computer USB port as a power source. Alternatively, the device takes a 9v battery (not included).


  • Product Code: SOA-TMP1-V3
  • Supported iButtons: Dallas, Cyfral, Metektom, DS1990A, RW1990, TM01
  • Supported RFID Cards: EM4100, EM4305, T5577
  • What's in the box: iButton Programmer, 2 x RW1990 Buttons, 2 x T5577 Writeable fobs, USB Cable

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