5 in 1 Multiple Key Tags RFID Dual Format T5577 UID Key Fob

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5 in 1 Dual Format Key Fob

Copy multiple RFID keys (Gym, Home, Office, Car Park etc) to it and then just carry the one key fob.

Select above from two types of tags:

 TYPE 1: 4 x T5577 Tags & 1 x UID Tag

  • If no button is pushed, the UID tag is active.
  • The T5577 tags can be programmed to common 125KHz formats such as HID ProxCard II, EM4100 and more.

TYPE 2: 4 x UID Tags & 1 x T5577Tag

  • If no button is pushed for the 4 x UID tags version, the T577 is active.
  • The UID tag can be programmed to the Mi Fare Classic 1K format

How it works:

  • Using a RFID writer/programmer such as the Proxmark3, iCopy 8, or EM4100 Duplicator, program each of the tags in the keyfob.
  • To switch between tags, push (and hold) the respective buttons.

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