Presco Nidac PAC1 PAC2 P-TAG Compatible Key Fob

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Presco Nidac PAC1 PAC2 P-TAG Compatible Key Fob

These high quality Presco Nidac compatible keyfobs are available in multiple colours and have the tag number etched into them (which unlike laser or inkjet printing, prevents the tag number from rubbing off after an extended period of time). They can be custom printed on one side (the back) with your logo, numbering or text.


  • Each tag is pre-programmed with a unique 10-digit ID number as per the PAC1 and PAC2 format (These tags are read-only and not writable.) 
  • Robust ABS housing provides superior drop, crush and water resistance
  • Compatible Formats: PAC1, PAC2
  • Operation Frequency : 125KHz
  • Ideal for use in ID and access control
  • Size: approx. 41 x 33 x 3 mm
  • Super thin and light! Weight: 4.2g. Thickness: 3mm.
  • Material: PVC

Compatible with

  • Presco Nidac card readers 
  • Presco Nidac clamshell proximity cards
  • Presco Nidac proximity keyfobs

PAC1 and PAC2 fob tags are used for many applications including building access control (home, office, warehouse, car parking), memberships (gyms, retail), photocopiers (including the Fuji Xerox Integrated RFID Card Reader), forklifts, fuel bowsers and more.

Key Fob Size 41 x 33 mm
Tag Type Key Fob
Card Material PVC

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