Anti-Interference Sticker 40mm / 46mm

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Anti-Interference Sticker

These are used as a shield when placing two RFID/NFC tags in close proximity to each other.  The sticker can stick a RFID disc (sold separately) to a surface and shield one direction from interfering with another nearby NFC chip.  Primarily used with mobile phones to stop 13.56 MHz Mifare tags interfering with the NFC chip inside your phone (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc)

When using with mobile phones, you can put the sticker & disc tag (sold separately) either (1) Under the battery cover of your phone (if your phone has a removable battery cover), or (2) inside your phone case (if you are using a phone case) and put the anti-interference sticker on top of it (so it is between the chip of your phone and the chip of the disc), which usually prevents the NFC chip inside your phone (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc) interfering with the disc chip. 


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