Mifare Classic 1K S50 Sticker Disc

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Mifare Classic 1K S50 Sticker Disc

Mifare Classic changeable discs are used to duplicate Mifare Classic 1K access cards and keyfobs.  This format can be programmed with the Proxmark3, ACR122U or iCopy 2/3/8 devices.

Please note regarding interference with your phone:
In the above options, you can select an anti-interference sticker which allows you to place the disc either (1) Under the battery cover of your phone (if your phone has a removable battery cover), or (2) inside your phone case (if you are using a phone case) and put the anti-interference sticker on top of it (so it is between the chip of your phone and the chip of the disc), which usually prevents the NFC chip inside your phone (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc) interferring with the disc chip.  This is not necessary if you are using the disc somewhere else that is not in close contact to another 13.56Mhz chip, including if you use a phone that doesn't contain a NFC chip.  In such case, you may be better not to use the anti-interference sticker.

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