Samsung NFC Key Tag Sticker for Samsung Smart Digital RFID Door Locks

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New Samsung Key Tag Sticker for Samsung Smart RFID Digital Door Locks

Updated V2 Tags: Samsung newer model locks will not work with some of the older Samsung tags sold by other sellers.  These are the newer V2 tags which work with both old & new Samsung lock models including Samsung SHP-DS705, SHS-3321 & SHP-DS510 locks.

These keys works with all Samsung SHS & SHP digital door locks including SHP-DH525, SHP-DH537, SHP-DP727, SHP-DP728, SHP-DS510, SHP-DS705, SHS-1320, SHS-1321, SHS-2320, SHS-2621, SHS-2920, SHS-3120, SHS-3320, SHS-3321, SHS-3420, SHS-5120, SHS-5230, SHS-6020, SHS-6600, SHS-6601, SHS-D500, SHS-D600, SHS-G510, SHS-G517, SHS-H505, SHS-H530, SHS-H625, SHS-H625FMK, SHS-H635, SHS-H700, SHS-H705, SHS-P710, SHS-P717, SHS-P718, SHS-P810, SHS-P910 door locks.


  • For use with Samsung Smart RFID Digital Door Locks.
  • Up to 30 tags can be programmed per lock.

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