T5577 125KHz Writable 25mm 3M White Coin Sticker

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Writable White Sticker

The T5577 is a rewritable Low Frequency (LF) tag which can be programmed to a large number of different formats. It can be used to emulate formats such as HID ProxCard II, ProxCard III, EM4100, Indala, Pyramid, Viking, AMV, Presco and more. You can program these fobs to your required range and format or you can use them to duplicate cards.  These are also backward compatible with T5567 and T55x7.

These key fob tags operate at 125kHz. The Proxmark3, iCopy2 or iCopy3 can be used to program these tags.

  • Contactless Read/Write Data Transmission
  • Radio Frequency from 100kHz to 150KHz
  • 7x32-bit EEPROM Data Memory Including 32-bit Password
  • Separate 64-bit memory for Traceability Data
  • Read/Write
  • Applications: Access Control, Personal Identification, Logistic automation, etc.

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