Jakcom R4 Smart Ring Dual Frequency T5577 125KHz UID NFC 13.56MHz

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JAKCOM R4 Smart Ring

Don't like carrying your access card or key fob around? Copy the data to a ring and look great and never worry about forgetting your card or keyfob again! This ring features both T5577 (125kHz) & UID (13.56 MHz) chips allowing you to program two different tags to it. The UID chip is used to duplicate Mifare Classic 1K access cards and keyfobs. The T5577 chip can be used to emulate formats such as HID ProxCard II, ProxCard III, EM4100, Indala, Pyramid, Viking, AMV, Presco and more. These rings can be programmed with the Proxmark3, ACR122U or iCopy 3/8 devices.

In addition, the ring features a NFC module using a NTAG213 chip. It can interact with all Android mobile phones that support the NFC function, as well as iPhones launched after September 2018, thereby realizing a number of featured NFC cloud services.


  • Carrier Frequency: 13.56MHz, 125KHz
  • RF Distance: 1-3 cm
  • IC Module Type: UID
  • ID Module Type: T5577
  • NFC Module Type: NTag213
  • Ring Material: Ceramics
  • Protection Grade: IP68
  • Operating temperature range: -50°C - +80°C
  • Dust Proof: Yes
  • Water Proof: Yes

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