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Designated Smoking Area Aluminium Sign Outdoor Weatherproof 315 x 220 mm (Discontinued)

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Aluminium Outdoor Sign - Designated Smoking Area

Ensure all smokers know what areas are suitable to smoke within using Designated Smoking Area Signs. Designated Smoking Area Signs can help reduce the chances of smoke being created in sensitive areas such as doorways and building entrances.

It is an excellent option for companies that want to make it easier for smokers to stay in compliance. Rather than constantly putting up no smoking signs in each area where people are not allowed to smoke, they can add these wall signs only in the places where they can. This sends a more positive message, which most people will respond to better.

Another benefit of this type of wall sign is that it makes it easy for non-smokers to identify areas of the facility where smoking may be taking place. If they don’t like the smell, they can take care to avoid those areas so they don’t have to deal with it. This type of wall sign is really a win-win for everyone involved and helps ensure everyone is able to work comfortably at the facility. It is also nice for customers who may be looking for a place to smoke (or a way to avoid the smokers).

This sign features 315 x 220mm size (larger than A4) and is printed on 3mm aluminium composite material with cut rounded radial corners. This sign is printed using only premium inks and will not easily fade because of its high density colour. Gloss laminated for scratch and with UV protection. Good for indoor or outdoor and could last up to 7 years. It can be drilled or glued to fix in place. 

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