Security Surveillance Notice Aluminium Sign Outdoor Weatherproof 300 x 200 mm

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Aluminium Outdoor Sign - Security Surveillance Notice

Provides economical visual deterrent and make vandals and criminals think twice! These surveillance security signs provide a highly visible warning to thieves, shoplifters, criminals and vandals - an ideal deterrent for all areas of your facility. Use in areas where covert cameras are not easily visible, they form an integral part of your security system whilst reassuring customers, visitors and employees.

This sign features 300 x 200 mm size and is printed on 3mm aluminium composite material with cut rounded radial corners. This sign is printed using only premium inks and will not easily fade because of its high density color. Gloss laminated for scratch and with UV protection. Good for outdoor and could last up to 7 years. It can be drilled or glued to fix in place. 

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