Social Distancing Floor or Carpet Marking Sign Sticker Decal - Enter This Way

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Social Distancing Floor Sticker - Enter This Way

Use these entry stickers to direct your customers, staff or students to the nearby entrance. If you have physical premises where customers may come into contact with one another it’s responsible to take measures to enforce social distancing and hand sanitising. This is beneficial to the wider community, your customers and your staff. 

Ideal for shopping centres, schools, shops, offices, petrol stations, hospitals, general practices and retail. Stickers can be applied indoors to concrete, wooden or tiled floors. Or select the carpet version (in the drop down box above) which uses a special matt, non-slip R11 rated textured polyester fabric which is designed to bond to carpet. Professionally printed floor stickers are easy for your customers to see and follow as well as giving your establishment a professional look. They also assist in a company's compliance with Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws and company policies in relation to COVID-19.

We also have other social distancing stickers available. Please see further down the page. Or click on the Visitor Management category to the left to see our full range of social distancing products.


  • Size: 200mm x 300mm
  • Material: Please select floor type in the drop down box above:
  • Smooth Floor Sticker (Concrete, Wooden or Tiled): Vinyl with an Anti-slip Laminate
  • Carpet Sticker: Matt, Non-Slip Textured Polyester Fabric
  • Suitable for Indoor Use
  • Complies to Australian Standards AS/NZS AS4586-2004 - Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials.
  • Floor stickers use a R9 rated laminate for anti slip resistance. Carpet stickers use a R11 rated textured polyester fabric for anti slip resistance.

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