20kg Shot / Sand Bags Weight to Stabilise Non-permanent Signage (Pair)

Weight Bags to Stabilise Non-permanent Signage from Blowing Over

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Pair of 20kg Shot / Sand Weight Bags (40kg)

These shot bags help you ensure stability for A-frame signs, sandwich boards, lighting stands, umbrellas, gazebos and more.  They help to keep the displays from tipping over or moving out of place! When full, each bag weighs approximately 20kg, giving you a total 40kg weight if both bags are used.  For many signs, one bag is sufficient, and the second bag can be kept in case of heavy crowds or stronger winds than normal for your location.

The shot bags can be used with a large range of different types of signs and they have handles on each end for use both with attaching to signs, putting legs through as well as for carrying the bag into place.  If using both bags, you have the option to put them together and instead use the hole that is created when the two bags are put together.


  • Shot bags weigh 20kg each (total 40kg) when full to stabilise A-frame signs, light stands, umbrellas & more!
  • Bags are made of durable oxford cloth that is waterproof, sun and heat resistant, frost-proof and cold-resistant.
  • Handles on each end to easily attach to signs or velcro the two bags together to form a hole suitable for umbrellas.
  • Fill with sand, dirt, rice, wheat and more.
  • Can be emptied when not in use for easy lightweight carrying and storage.

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