Vineyard Outdoor Plastic Tag Custom Printed Vine Row Orchard End Tree Large / Extra Large

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Leader Female Flexible Ear Tag - Vine Tags

Whilst traditionally used as cattle tags, Leader female tags are becoming increasingly popular for other applications. They are perfect for use in Vineyards.

Key features

  • The ideal solution for identifying grape varieties and root stocks.
  • Leader tags are available in bright colours and designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions - including our harsh UV conditions - to ensure sustainability and avoid fading.
  • They are made from durable heat resistant and ultra violet light (UV) stabilised materials.
  • Easy to use and versatile. The tip of the tag as well as the hole is reinforced which allows the tag to be securely attached to the post or tied to the wire or root stock.
  • Custom printing (one side or both sides) can include information such as Vineyard name, row or column numbers, grape varieties, planting year, logo, barcodes or other information you require.
  • 11 colours available for laser printing. Use different colours for different areas, different planting years or different grape varieties etc.
  • If required, tags can be printed with empty space left for self marking using a tag marking pen.
  • Multiple sizes available. The three most common sizes for Vine tags are Extra Large Short Neck, Extra Large Long Neck & Large.


Size 3 Large: Leader Large Female Flexible Ear Tag

  • Dimensions: 58.20mm wide x 72.50mm long/high
  • Weight: 6.90 grams 

Size 4 Extra Large (Short Neck): Leader Maxi (Short Neck) Female Flexible Ear Tag

  • Dimensions: 74mm wide 101.30mm long/high
  • Weight: 11.90 grams 

Size 4 Extra Large (Long Neck): Leader Maxi (Long Neck) Female Flexible Ear Tag

  • Dimensions: 75.30mm wide x 119.60mm long/high
  • Weight: 12.20 grams

Custom marking

Tags can be custom-marked using Laser Marking. The Leader laser marking system makes for permanent marking, with the laser penetrating and becoming part of the tag. Laser marking enables more flexibility in marking options.

  • Laser Marking Tag Colours: 11 Colours 
  • Text, Numbers, Logos, Brands, Barcodes & QR codes can be printed. 
  • One side or dual side printing. 
  • When a logo or barcode is added, there is a one off $49 customised template setup charge.

How to order

Our website allows you to provide us with text and/or numbers for simple tag orders. If you have an excel list of numbers, names, row numbers, grape varieties etc. or if you have a logo, barcode or image, you can email this to us after you order. 

Please note that if you have an image, logo, barcode, QR code etc to be printed on the tag, you will also need to order the Template Setup Charge product which is a one off purchase and will be saved for future ordering. This is not required if you only have text and or numbers.

Colours Available

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