Leader Multi Tags - NLIS Sheep, Goat Multitag 10s 25s (strips of 10 or 25)

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NLIS Multitag Sheep Goat Ear Tags (strips of 10 or 25)

The Leader Multitag is an ear tag used for the effective identification of sheep, goats and alpacas and is supplied in either strips of 10 or 25 (Multi Tag 10 or Multi Tag 25).  Including your PIC number (or registered stock brand in Western Australia) makes it a NLIS approved tag. Alternatively, leaving it blank or printing with other information and not including your PIC number makes it a non-NLIS tag.

They are available in 11 bright colours and designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions - including our harsh UV conditions - to ensure sustainability and avoid fading.  They are made from durable heat resistant and ultra violet light (UV) stabilised materials.  

NLIS Multitags are applied using the Applicator Multi 3 in 1.  Joined in strips of 10 for fast and easy application, the Multitag sheep tags are self-piercing with an easy and fast, one operation application process.  It is recommended to use a different colour for each age group and to place Leader Multi tags on opposite ears for ewes and wethers to save time, improve accuracy and make it easier for drafting for each age and gender.

Printed tags are supplied in accordance with NLIS requirements. They can be custom-marked using Laser Marking or Foil Stamping. Please note that colours and printing/marking may vary slightly in appearance from the images shown. Laser marking & foil marking tag colour shades are slightly different to maximise readability. Laser marking is the most popular and newer marking choice with it being permanent. Foil stamping has slightly better readability, but not as long lasting as laser marking.  

Ordering here is easy

Simply select your options (colour, printing option etc) above in the drop down boxes.  Prefer to order by form? Click here to download our Leader Tags Order Form which you can print off and send back to us by email or fax. A bulk discount is available if ordering over 5000 tags. Please give us a call or email.


  • Width: 13.50 mm
  • Height: 74.50 mm 
  • Depth: 18.85 mm 
  • Weight: 1.76 grams 
  • Approvals: NLIS

Leader 3 in 1 Applicator for Multitags Need an applicator?
Click here or on the image to the left to view the Leader Multi Tag Applicator 3 in 1
Minimum Order Quantities (Can be a combination of colours):
Leader Multitag 10s (strips of 10) (must be ordered in multiples of 10)
- Laser printed NLIS tags: 20 
- Laser printed non-NLIS tags (no PIC): 100
- Foil stamped tags: 200 
- Non printed tags: 200 

Leader Multitag 25s (strips of 25) (must be ordered in multiples of 25)
- Foil stamped tags: 200 
- Non printed tags: 200 

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