Artwork Guide

1. Most Customised Products

Most of our customised products (livestock management ear tags or vineyard tags with a logo, branding irons, key tag fobs etc) do not have specific artwork requirements. We can usually work with most file types and we will let you know if what you have provided is not suitable.  For branding irons, we can also accept drawings, photos or brand certificate registrations.  We do have specific artwork requirements for card printing (see below).  

2.  Card Printing : Standard Size Card CR80 (86mm x 54mm)

For thin cards, we offer two printing services:

  • Express Logo: This is an express service (production time 1-3 business days) with a lower minimum quantity (minimum 10 cards) where you can have a colour logo printed in the middle of your card (maximum width 50mm) and optionally numbers or text along the top or bottom of the card. No background colours or printing within 3mm of the edge of the card. 
    • To order: simply reply to your order confirmation email with a copy of your logo and detail any printing requirements and we'll get your cards produced.  Alternatively you can provide a full card image with a white or transparent background (no bleed or corners) with dimensions 86mmx54mm in one of these formats: .png, .bmp, .jpg, .tif, .gif, .svg.
  • Full Colour: This is a full colour edge to edge printing service (like a credit card).  There is a higher minimum quantity (minimum 100 cards) and a production time of 2-3 weeks.  We require a bleed of 3mm on all edges.  The artwork size, including bleed is 92mm x 60mm.  Any artwork, images or text that do not bleed over the edge of the card must not be closer than 3mm from the edge of the card.
    • To order: simply reply to your order confirmation email with a copy of your artwork file, preferably in .ai (Adobe Illustrator format) otherwise in one of these formats: .eps .psd .jpeg .tif .pdf

CR80 Card Artwork Printing Guide