Leader Calf Saver Puller - Stainless Steel Jack with Hooks, Handle & Chains for Difficult Calving

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Leader Calf Saver Puller

This equipment is the answer to most difficult calving situations.

Leader Deluxe Calf Puller  ALTERNATIVE CALF PULLER: LEADER DELUXE CALF SAVER (Click here or on image to view)
Deluxe version of the standard calf puller.


  • The ratchet action has two separate hooks: one for each leg chain.
  • The hooks for the leg chains pull alternately each time you activate the jacking handle, giving a zigzag action.
  • The shaft is machined with grooves to avoid slippage.
  • 2 x Leg chains (30") are included.


  • Weight: 11.08kg

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