Leader Jumbo Marking Ring Applicator Expander

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Jumbo Ring Applicator Expander

The Leader Jumbo Ring Applicator Expander is suitable for use with Jumbo Marking Rings and is ideal for castrating calves over 6 months old.  The Jumbo Ring Expander Applicator is a bloodless castrator cattle emasculator.

The rings have a diameter of 19mm, a width of 10mm and open up to a 90mm X 70mm X 70mm triangular shape. 

Antiseptic Jumbo Marking Rings are available for purchase in packs of 25 or 125.  The rings are covered in an antiseptic powder with no clenching required once expanded.

The Jumbo Ring Expander is made tough and durable to allow you to easily mark large numbers of stock. This well-designed marker is the perfect tool designed to make Calf Marking safe as well as easy. The prongs hold onto the ring & expand it out wide enough for easy, accurate application every time.

Light lubrication of the marking rings and prongs is recommended to reduce catching and tearing of the rings. Light lubrication of the top shaft of the expander is recommended prior to use.


  • Applicable Rings: Jumbo Rings MRJ25, MRJ125
  • Weight: 730 grams

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