Electrocoup Garlic Cutter Pruning Cutting Shears Battery Operated F3010 42mm Electric Secateurs Bundle

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Electrocoup Electric Garlic Cutter Kit

The Electrocoup F3010 electric secateurs with garlic cutter blades makes cutting garlic quick and easy.  It greatly reduces the effort needed with cutting garlic whilst also providing a cleaner cut and increased output.

The 100% cordless garlic cutter secateurs makes it possible to reduce the pressure exerted by the hand which reduces pain and stress caused by repetitive movements.  It's cutting width makes it possible to uproot with a minimum number of cuts, thereby reducing the number of pushes.

The specially designed garlic cutting blade uproots garlic and provides clean cuts.  The blade composition has been selected for contact with the stones and soil on the garlic roots. The blades open to 62mm and have a cutting capacity of 42mm.

The kit includes a hard case, the electric secateurs with garlic cutter blades, vest, F3015 battery, charger and holster. An optional safety glove is available separately.

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