Freeze Brand Numerals Set 0-9 Livestock Number Branding Irons 1" 1.5" 2" 2.5" 3" 4"

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Freeze Branding Irons Numerals Set

Freeze Branding is a process of using liquid nitrogen or dry ice and alcohol to cool a branding iron.  These high quality industrial bronze freeze branding irons have a great temperature holding capacity to help you brand more livestock in less time and aid you in producing a better brand.  The most common size for horses is 1.5" and the most common sizes for cattle are 2", 2.5" & 3".

Number sets consist of 9 branding irons, 0 to 8 which can be used to create the numbers 0 to 9.  The number 6 is inverted to create the number 9.  Available in 25mm (1 inch), 38mm (1.5 inch), 51mm (2 inch), 63mm (2.5 inch), 76mm (3 inch) or 101mm (4 inch) high, with a short handle.  Do not use in place of a fire brand.

Iron Material: Industrial Bronze

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