B1 Vinyl ID Card Holder Clear Vertical Portrait Zip Lock Press Seal

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B1 Card Holder

Ideal for industrial or outdoor use and is commonly used with ID cards, credit cards, secure access cards, school ID cards and so on. This card holder has a zip lock style seal which is moisture and dust resistant.  Pre-punched with a slot and two holes for easy attachment to most lanyards, cords, strings, chains, badge reels, and clips.


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Colour: Clear
  • Feature: Zip-lock Design
  • External Size: 65mm x 105mm
  • Internal Size: 58mm x 90mm
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A1: Outside - 86mm x 100mm | Inside - 64mm x 92mm
B8: Outside - 105mm x 90mm | Inside - 97mm x 68mm 
A7: Outside - 115mm x 98mm | Inside - 108mm x 75mm 
B7: Outside - 140mm x 118mm | Inside - 125mm x 88mm
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A4: Outside - 315mm x 245mm | Inside - 297mm x 210mm 

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