NLIS PT280 Stick Reader Cattle & Livestock Ear Tag & Dog Microchip 76cm HDX & FDX-B Heavy Duty Scanner with Case

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NLIS PT280 Heavy Duty Stick Reader

The PT280 is a robust, easy to use, extra long reach 76cm stick reader. It’s simple and tough design makes it the ideal unit for operating in tough Australian cattle yards. Operating on 4 x AA Batteries it will work continuously for 12hrs reading all ISO11784 tags (HDX & FDX-B).

The handy stick reader scanner reads all Australian NLIS approved sheep and cattle electronic ear tags, bolus and injectables.  In addition, it also reads pet microchips (dog, cat & horses).

What's the difference between our two stick readers?
NLIS PT280 Stick Reader
NLIS PT280 Reader
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Great for: Scanning cattle tag numbers and later either browsing through the tag number records on the device or downloading them to your Windows computer with a USB cable and the reader software.  The stick reader comes with a handy carry case.

Commonly used: Scan ear tags in the yards (can store 7000 tag numbers) and you can then later view the records at home to record the information in another system.  The deduplication mode setting allows you to ensure tags are only scanned once - also giving you an accurate count.

Alternate use: View the tag numbers on the screen in the yards and record or check them off manually.
  Great for: Real time transfer of scanned cattle tag numbers to your phone or tablet (Apple or Android) or computer (PC or Mac) by Bluetooth.  This SMART reader is very easy to connect to your device by Bluetooth and tag numbers appear on your screen where your cursor is as if you typed them on a keyboard. 

Commonly used: with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers & AgriWebb.  No expensive subscriptions are required - tag numbers can even just be scanned to your Apple Notes or Google Keep if you don't wish to use a spreadsheet.

Alternate use: View the tag numbers on the screen in the yards and record or check them off manually.


  • Extra long reach to rapidly scan at distance.
  • Store up to 7,000 records including date and time of scan.
  • Loud buzz alert and illumination on successful scan.
  • Deduplication mode ensures tags are only scanned once.
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries for operation.
  • Erase function to clear all records as required.
  • Accurately scan hundreds of tags per hour with ease.
  • Heavy duty carry case with adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Water resistant, rugged design.

Click here to view the Stick Reader Operation Manual

What's in the box:

  • 1 x NLIS PT280 Stick Reader
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Hard Carry Case
  • 1 x Test Tag

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