EM4100 Card Fob USB 125 kHz EM Reader Keyboard Emulation

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EM4100 Card Reader

This EM4100 card reader is a plug and play device which simply plugs into a USB port of Windows, Linux & Mac operating systems.  The affordable scanner reads the unique serial number of 125KHz frequency formats EM4100, EM4200, EM4102 & TK4100 ID cards, keyfobs, wristbands, and adhesive disks.  Other 125KHz frequency formats such as HID Prox are not supported.  It is very popular with card printing solutions in offices and schools.  

The reader features keyboard emulation and will output the serial number just as if you typed it on a keyboard. No need to hit enter or press any buttons.  This ensures compatibility with most software applications.  There are multiple output options from which you can select above.

We also have different format card readers available:

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